"I attended the introduction to mindfulness course and this was excellent. The journey for me and the others on the course was transformative and it has genuinely made a big difference to my life. Sally is a great teacher and makes things interesting and challenging but in such a supportive and kind way. I can highly recommend participating in one of the courses" - Helen Cariss

"Sally's courses and events - MBSR in particular - have changed my life. And continue to do so! I've learned so much about my thoughts, feelings, moods & experiences, and about how to meet them in a way that makes me happier, healthier, more confident, less stressed & more grounded. Sally's knowledge of her subject - and of how to help people through the various obstacles they may face in their mindfulness practice - is staggering. I recommend her training unreservedly! Thanks, Will"

"I definitely feel more relaxed, more confident, happier"

"Coming out of a period of severe anxiety and depression ....this course has been life-changing"

"I am so much more contented and relaxed"

"Makes me feel comfortable in my own skin"

"I am calmer and starting to become more focused, even my family have noticed!"

 “These sessions have been simply a gift of life. I found them not just very helpful exercises to cope with the ever increasing and never ending stress at work but a window to look out for what life is really all about”

 "This course has really changed the way I experience life, for the better"

 "A life-changing course - extremely beneficial for me as I suffer from depression - calming, thought provoking"

 “I have found mindfulness meditation a revelation that has helped me to become less stressed and irritated with the world. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness theory and the exercises are extremely effective"

 "So wonderful to have my hand held through the labyrinth of Mindfulness. I now feel so confident to take it on myself. Solved problems I didn't know I had. Life is so much more enjoyable than it was"

 "This course has turned my life around. I feel freer, happier, more at peace with myself"

"This was the very best introduction to mindfulness and has set me on the course to meaningful daily practice. Thank you"

 "A life-changing way of dealing with the stresses of life that doesn't involve alcohol or medication"

"I like myself more"

 "Very enlightening. Was slightly skeptical but have thoroughly enjoyed it"

 “I have found the mindfulness meditation classes to be very relaxing and helpful in controlling the severe anxiety I was feeling following the loss of my son.  It is far better than any anti-depressant, has no nasty side effect and can be used in almost any potentially stressful situation in alleviating anxiety and stress.  When I practice regularly I experience enhanced sleep and a big improvement in my ability to combat stressful situations.  The instructor's calm manner and friendly approach has meant that I have eagerly looked forward to my hour of pure bliss each week.  I can thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who has to live in this hectic world. “