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Mindfulness and Willpower :: Saturday 16th December 2017 £25

One of the most difficulty aspects about mindfulness practice is developing the habit of regular practice.  Sally Edward (kindmind) has invited Dr Will Baldry to share with us some of the most interesting research on positive psychology and developing good habits. Join us for this workshop at the beautiful Coach House Healing Centre, HD7 6LY

Dr Will Baldry is a public speaker, stage hypnotist and Positive Psychology expert. He specialises in teaching practical, effective and long-lasting techniques for raising confidence, optimism, resilience and self-belief. He also uses his entertainment background to make this learning interactive, enjoyable and memorable.

Will is going to be sharing a new model through which to understand our human existence, and using this to teach his 7 Quick Wins, simple ideas you can use immediately to boost positivity in daily life. You'll be given a comprehensive toolkit for establishing good habits & getting rid of bad ones, and Will is also going to be sharing exciting new research into that most elusive (yet fundamental) psychological resource - willpower.

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